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Case Study: Best of Everything

The Company:

Builders depend on wholesale distributors for the tools and materials they need for construction and renovation projects. Best of Everything is a distributor to wholesalers of tile and stone for this dynamic sector. The company also sells the tools that cut and the sealants that bind the materials. 

The company’s customers are wholesale distributors in the tile and stone industry. “That wholesale distributor then sells our products as well as tile and stone and other installation products to contractors,” Rick Baldini explained.

Rick is a veteran in the building products industry with decades of professional experience under his belt. In 2016, he and his partner, Rich Maggio, acquired a distributor in the stone, tile, and tools distribution business in Northern California. 

Managing the IT infrastructure in the new company was not as smooth as he had expected, though. The Managed IT Solutions Provider (MSP) the previous company had been contracting was less supportive than Rick had hoped.

“I had a difficult relationship with the IT service provider due to being a small customer and not receiving the necessary support.” Best of Everything has ten employees. “It felt like my account manager was not helpful, and I had to escalate issues to the owner to get action taken, making the relationship frustrating.”

Rick’s frustration would lead him to search the United States to replace the MSP. The journey would eventually lead to a fruitful and supportive relationship between Best of Everything and QIT Solutions.

The Challenge:

Rick found that dealing with the vendor was absorbing more and more of his time. IT issues were starting to keep him from running the business. He knew he would have to find an MSP that would be supportive and responsive to the company’s IT needs.

“As a customer, I experienced three main issues with our service provider,” Rick explained. First, we struggled to get timely support with our QuickBooks issues, and our requests were often delayed or forgotten. 

“Second, upgrading our system was a cumbersome process that created unnecessary frustration. And lastly, the provider did not prioritize our needs. We felt unimportant to them. 

“Despite not being a big client, we expected better service and ultimately had to walk away.” 

The Solution:

Rick tapped his network of friends and associates to find a replacement MSP. He knew the qualities he wanted in the new IT support provider, though the needs were difficult to articulate. He would know what he was looking for when he found it. 

“I reached out to my professional networks and talked to customers about how they manage their IT, Rick said. “Through a friend in a professional organization in Florida, I learned about Jess at QIT Solutions.” Jess Coburn is CTO of QIT Solutions (QIT). 

“I interviewed him and was impressed, especially since my friend gave him a glowing review.”

Compared to other IT support companies that Best of Everything considered, QIT prioritized understanding their needs before quoting or discussing fee structures. 

Rick asked Jess alot of questions about how QIT could support Best of Everything. “I wanted to understand how they might do what we want to get done,” Rick added. It was crucial to Rick that QIT knew how to communicate with its customers and that QIT’s team had the knowledge and understanding to support Rick’s business. 

In 2021, he and his partner, Rich Maggio, relocated his operations to Henderson, Nevada. Best of Everything took QIT with them to continue supporting the business.

Rick explained QIT’s support process: “QIT now provides me with an email support system that generates a ticket immediately upon submission, and I receive a response acknowledging the issue.” 

“My team now contacts QIT for support through the email system or the support phone number, creating a ticket for the action needed. Recently, QIT assigned us an account manager, Matt.” 

“Matt sees that the tickets are generated and ensures that they are resolved promptly. If I have any issues with training or hardware, Matt is now my go-to person for assistance.”

The Success:

“The only on-site issue we’ve ever had was when we moved into our [Nevada] building and needed Ethernet wiring done. 

“QIT contracted someone locally to handle it, which is common in the industry. With today’s technologies like Microsoft Teams and other tools, I don’t think it’s as critical as it used to be to have an on-site IT team.”

Ever since the flawless Nevada IT infrastructure upgrade that QIT managed, Rick has been very happy working with Jess. Rick values the relationship they have with QIT. QIT understands Best of Everything’s business operations and that 24/7 IT up-time are important. 

Best of Everything appreciated that QIT took a personalized approach to support and took the time to understand its evolving needs. For instance, Rick found the process of upgrading Microsoft 365 and its servers to be hands-on and relationship-oriented, a contrast to other companies he had interviewed.

QIT has also helped Best of Everything transition Rick’s business to Microsoft Teams. Remote workers are successfully using the system. A semi-retired former employee in Portugal even accesses the company’s systems and completes project work through Teams. 

Rick attributed the business’s success to its ability to use a remote system like Teams and having access to the network and QuickBooks files. Overall, the implementation of the IT infrastructure has been smooth, efficient, and relatively painless.

Even though there is distance, Rick appreciates that he can receive support when needed, even outside of normal business hours. Best of Everything feels like they matter to QIT, which is important to them.

More than Tech Support: A Trusted Advisor

Rick noted that QIT has become much more than an IT repair shop for the business. “When it comes to hardware … I suggest to QIT that two machines should be upgraded, and they will help with procurement.”

Rick added about Best of Everything’s online presence: “Our websites have not been well-maintained in the past couple of years. We recently upgraded two of them, but we did not focus appropriately on what we were doing with them. 

“However, during the process of upgrading and making them more functional, we received assistance from an objective QIT. Although they were not trying to sell us anything, they provided valuable advice on website platforms, e-commerce software, and design.

Rick felt that QIT is not biased and feels it won’t gain anything from their recommendations except satisfied customers. “They are a company I can use as a consultant to choose the best option. They’re more than just fixers, they’re a valuable resource.”


Rick Baldini, CEO, of Best of Everything

“I have found that what’s most important to me in running my business is having a strong relationship with my customers. As a customer of QIT, I can say that their customer service makes me feel valued and appreciated. I feel confident that I have a reliable partner in QIT who I can turn to for guidance and support in keeping my business operating smoothly.

“While it’s true that many managed IT support groups have a similar level of technical expertise, what sets QIT apart is their ability to be a true resource and partner in my business. They understand that it’s not just about the technical aspects, but also about the overall health and success of my business.

“I appreciate that QIT takes the time to develop a relationship with me and truly understand my needs. This level of personalized attention and care is invaluable to me as a business owner. Overall, I feel fortunate to have found such a great partner in QIT and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy IT support.”