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Case Study: EDR

Executive Summary:

An established retail company, grappling with an increasingly intricate IT infrastructure and escalating cyber threats, enlisted the help of QIT Solutions, a managed service provider. QIT Solutions implemented a robust Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, which not only greatly bolstered the client’s security posture but also streamlined their IT management processes.


Expanding IT Infrastructure: The company’s rapid business growth resulted in an expanding IT infrastructure, incorporating a rising number of endpoints such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, laptops, mobile devices, and servers. Managing this infrastructure proved to be a daunting task for the in-house IT team.

Mounting cyber threats: The retail company increasingly found itself in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, leading to a series of security breaches that caused considerable financial losses and damage to their reputation.

Compliance requirements: The client was obligated to adhere to strict regulatory requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which mandated the implementation of robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data.


QIT Solutions recommended a comprehensive EDR solution to address the client’s security concerns and streamline IT management:

Advanced threat detection: QIT Solutions deployed an EDR system that harnessed artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and analyze suspicious activities across all endpoints in real-time. This proactive approach allowed for the early identification of potential threats, reducing the likelihood of successful attacks.

Rapid incident response: The EDR solution enabled the client’s IT team to respond to security incidents swiftly, minimizing the potential damage. By offering detailed forensic analysis, the EDR system allowed the team to understand the root cause of each incident, preventing similar threats in the future.

Automated threat hunting: The EDR solution actively scoured the network for indicators of compromise (IOCs), ensuring no threats slipped through undetected. This automated process increased the effectiveness of the client’s security measures and reduced the workload on their IT team.

Enhanced visibility and control: QIT Solutions provided the client with a unified dashboard to monitor their entire IT infrastructure and manage the EDR solution. This central control point simplified the management process, enabling the IT team to have a clear overview of their security status at all times.


Following the EDR solution’s implementation, the retail company experienced significant improvements in their security posture and IT management:

Reduced security incidents: The EDR solution successfully detected and blocked multiple cyber threats, lowering the number of security breaches and minimizing financial losses.

Improved compliance: By implementing the robust security measures provided by the EDR solution, the retail company achieved compliance with industry regulations, such as PCI DSS, safeguarding their customers’ sensitive data.

Streamlined IT management: The unified dashboard allowed the client’s IT team to manage their IT infrastructure more effectively. This increased efficiency resulted in the reallocation of time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives that would drive business growth.

Enhanced reputation: The company’s more secure IT environment helped regain customer trust and bolster its reputation in the competitive retail industry.

The successful implementation of the EDR solution by QIT Solutions underscores the importance of a proactive, managed approach to cybersecurity for businesses navigating today’s complex IT landscape.